Mercedes Benz CLS front

Mercedes Benz have uncovered the third generation CLS at the 2017 Los Angeles motor show. Mercedes Benz CLS was introduced back in 2004 and since then it has been the prettiest car in its segment and it has been a successful car as well for Mercedes in terms of its sales. The third generation CLS is uniquely designed that sets it apart from the current Mercedes line up. They have created an evolutionary design this time, which Mercedes may use, in their forthcoming cars.

Mercedes Benz CLS
Mercedes Benz CLS


As soon as the first CLS was launched, it became a trendsetter as it marked a new segment for Mercedes – a four-door coupé styled luxury car with sporty performance. 2018 Mercedes Benz CLS is clearly following the same path; it inherits some of the genes of the original CLS like the low roofline, arching waistline and frameless side windows. But this new CLS has evolved even better.

Sharp edges and lines have been reduced to make it look classier and appealing.

Mercedes Benz CLS front
Mercedes Benz CLS front

Up front, a shark styled snout nose has been added with a widened grille, which makes the front more aggressive. The newly designed front headlamps add more to its aggression. The design of the headlights is unique which sets it apart from the other Mercedes. The new Mercedes Benz CLS has a predator styled front look, which makes it eye-catching.

Mercedes Benz CLS rear
Mercedes Benz CLS rear

From the rear the Mercedes Benz CLS looks bold due to the heavy and muscular shoulder line and the new sharp split LED taillights, which sits a bit low.

The new Mercedes Benz CLS is a perfect blend of attractive designing, comfort, luxury and just the right amount of sportiness.

Interior of Mercedes Benz CLS

The cabin of the new Mercedes Benz CLS is just stunning. It is a combination of the typical Mercedes sportiness (AMG styled) with the luxurious touch given to it (S-class inspired). You have got the 12.3-inch display, which looks spectacular. In the fully digital cockpit, one can freely configure the information according to his own needs. The ambience lighting is individually adjustable in 64 colours including the air vents.

Mercedes Benz CLS interior
Mercedes Benz CLS interior

As it also targets the luxury segment, hence it has to be comfortable enough for an enjoyable and relaxing long drive. Unlike the original CLS this one is a proper five-seater. The seats are especially designed for this model and are super comfortable. The outer seats in the rear have the same appearance as of the front seats, thus creating a sporty single seat impression.

Intelligent drive: technology from the S class


Mercedes Benz CLS
Mercedes Benz CLS

The new Mercedes Benz CLS is equipped with the latest generation of driving assistance system, provided by the driving assistance package. This package includes, adaptive cruise control, adaptive steering assist, active speed limit assist, and active lane keeping assist. The active distance control DISTRONIC and the active steering assist support the driver to keep a safe distance and steer. The speed is adjusted automatically ahead of bends and junctions. Due to the improved camera, it has a better view of its surroundings and keeps a check on the car’s behavior. The Mercedes Benz CLS automatically follows the traffic in stop and go traffic situations. It stops for the required time and then starts moving on its own with respect to the traffic.

New engines:

The new Mercedes Benz CLS comes with an option of diesel as well as petrol.

There are two variants of diesel: a CLS 350 d 4matic with 210kw of power and 600Nm of torque and the other one is CLS 400 d 4matic with 250kw of power and 700 Nm of torque. Both of the variants are powered by the 3.0 L turbo diesel engine.

red Mercedes Benz CLS

The most powerful engine is the six-cylinder petrol unit. The new systematically electrified in line six-cylinder with EQ boost (integrated starter/generator) and a 48-volt electrical system powers the CLS 450 4matic. It generates 270kw of power and a 500Nm of torque. The EQ system generates an additional 250Nm torque and 16kw power over shorter periods. The EQ boost is an integrated electric motor, which assists the combustion engine, e.g. when accelerating, makes driving without the combustion engine possible (“sailing”) and provides the battery with power by means of high-efficiency recovery. By doing so it makes fuel savings possible that were previously the exclusive domain of high-voltage hybrid technology.


Mercedes Benz CLS rear“This makes the new Mercedes Benz CLS a luxuriously sporty car.”


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